David Strano (English Version)

I can’t say exactly when I wanted to be a photographer. I think the desire started to take hold of me, and then one day, it became much too strong.

Very quickly, I was entrusted with the household camera. An old 126 Instamatic box camera, with a 110 built-in flash, which gave me training to aim with a good eye.

But it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I inherited a Pentax 35mm Reflex viewfinder, endowed with a 50-minute fixed lens. The rewind system of the films was broken and I saved it from the trash bin by making it my first real tool of photographic creativity.

I spent a short decade testing different models of cameras as an amateur. Then, before I turned thirty and faced with the obvious deep desire, I embarked on a career as a professional photographer.

Immediately, animals attracted me. My first photographic contracts were with horse clubs. During this same period, I wanted to learn photography more academically. I took classes at the famous Paris school Efet. I took photography classes on Mondays and worked the other days of the week. I applied myself in the evenings with my photography and I obtained my official diploma as a freelance photographer.

Over time, I learned to work on my own style and refine my eye. I loved looking at the light and I trained to capture it for my work. Equally, I would do this in my spare time. I’ve never seemed to like any of my other jobs. I remember one summer, as I was coming home after a contract in the early morning and, unable to resist the beauty of the blossoming day, I stopped to photograph the bright morning lights on the countryside. Just for fun.

As a rising professional photographer, I wanted to photograph everything, so I then switched to wedding photos. School photos. Photos of news reports. Industrial photos. I had to discover the several facets of the photographic universe, to open my eyes and refine my experience. I then created a shop/studio in the 2000s. It turned out to be a great adventure and confronted me with the demands of film and digital prints.

Of course, I never stopped shooting animals, nor landscapes. They attracted me and remained undeniably a part of my fiber. Photos of animals, ranging from dog and cat clubs, continued to be part of my weekly program. This helped me master the complexities of working with animals.

I received my first recognition from my peers with the series Fruits We Did (it is actually a word play in french, meaning Preserved Fruits). These dreamlike montages, photographed using film, received acclaim with several articles in the press and generated several exhibitions. Then it was my animal portraits in the studio that gained me notoriety. They allowed the recognition of my style by the professionals. With the canine world, I have participated in many trade shows, including Paris Agricultural Exhibit, as well as national and international championships and book illustrations. And I’ve had the honor to have worked with reputable breeders.

I have established several partnerships with many influential people in the animal industry. I also proposed the creation of portraits of pets in a mobile studio, opening an unexplored path for individuals. Finally, the large publishing company Larousse has validated and edited a photographic book in which more than forty celebrities are photographed with their pet.

Alongside this career as a photographer and my passion for beautiful images of wildlife and landscapes, I love writing. I have many short stories and other poems to my credit. I often mix this love of words with my images, which, for me, also tell beautiful stories.

I continue my artistic career by offering my images on gallery-quality media. In early 2019, I expanded my expertise to the underwater environment and its inhabitants. I spent eight weeks in French Polynesia to create new images. These photos, made in a natural, aquatic environment, are made in the same nature that characterise me in the studio. They are the Polynesia 2019 series. The result is to expand my portfolio of works that have been selected with the utmost care.

All these rare images, called Art Gallery, are offered on the most qualitative media which allow you to savour them at their best. To preserve their exceptional rarity, these photos are offered in numbered limited editions, signed and certified. When they come back to life under your gaze, I know I have found my place as a photographer. And I will continue as long as possible…

A submarine trip

Polynésie 2019

I saw horses and birds. I saw dogs and many other animals. And for those of the sea, I jumped into the water. Once again…

Maybe one day, i will tell you the story …

Un chien au poil!

Spock mon adorable Golden

Spock était un chien qui m’a accompagné durant près de quinze années. Il a vécu des années de changements et a toujours été présent pour moi.

Mais nous ne sommes que de passage et il arrive souvent que la fin arrive trop tôt.